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Welcome to the Daring Greatly Movie site UK, Derbyshire-based award-winning production company Film Volt Group in partnership with iCogitate Productions Inc., (Canada) are delighted to announce the development of a new Multi-Million Pound True Life Crime Drama currently in pre-production called, Daring Greatly.

Dearing Greatly Movie Poster
Dearing Greatly Movie Poster

The Feature Film is based on the True Story of the killing of 8 men in Toronto’s LGBTQ2+ community from 2010 to 2017. Bruce McArthur is Canada’s most prolific, convicted serial killer.

His killing spree garnered worldwide attention, making it the largest news story in Canada for 2019. The magnitude and impacts of this real-life nightmare are far reaching. That being said, Daring Greatly is being created for international audiences.

The Feature Film will bring the stories of the horrific deaths to life. We will be shooting at the locations where the actual events happened along with guest appearances from several of the people that were involved in the real-life trial.

Our production teams have garnered some prestigious awards including two Oscars and six Emmys. Our Award winning creative team has worked with several high profile international networks like NBC, HBO, Marvel Studios and Universal Studios.

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